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The youngest French Prime Minister : Gabriel Attal

Gabriel Attal is a prominent French politician currently serving as the Prime Minister of France since January 9, 2024. He previously held several key positions in the French government, including:

  • Minister of National Education and Youth (July 2023 – January 2024)
  • Minister of Public Action and Accounts (May 2022 – July 2023)
  • Government spokesperson (July 2020 – May 2022)

He is a member of the Renaissance party, the political party of President Emmanuel Macron. Attal is known for his:

  • Communication skills: He gained recognition for his effective communication during the COVID-19 pandemic as government spokesperson.
  • Political prowess: He is considered a rising star in French politics and has been praised for his intelligence and political savvy.
  • Openly gay identity: He is the first openly gay Prime Minister of France, marking a historic moment in French politics.

Here are some additional details about Gabriel Attal:

  • Born on March 16, 1989, in Clamart, France
  • Graduated from Sciences Po Paris and École alsacienne
  • Previously worked as a financial journalist and consultant
  • Partnered with Stéphane Séjourné, a French Member of the European Parliament

You can find more information about Gabriel Attal on his official website or through various news articles and online resources.

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